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Our Workshops

The goals of workshops vary depending on audience and age group. Find out more below.

11-14 Year Olds

Empower young minds! Our workshops for 11-14 year olds focus on fostering confidence, body positivity, and a love for sports. We address vital topics like role models, menstrual health, balancing school and sports, benefits of sports participation, and discovering the perfect sport for each individual. Our engaging sessions stimulate discussion and active participation with mini-activities and conversation aimed at breaking down barriers and equip participants with the tools to overcome barriers.

15-18 year olds

Our 15-18 year old workshops address critical topics, including barriers to female sports participation, the evolving landscape of women's sports, female role models, menstrual health, and body image. We guide young adults in managing the demands of academic life alongside a passion for sports. Exploring the benefits of sustained sports involvement and helping participants identify their ideal sport, we encourage lively discussions and active engagement. These inclusive sessions foster a supportive environment as girls approach significant academic milestones like the Leaving Cert.

Parents, Coaches & Adults

Our workshops tailored for adults, parents, and coaches are focused on transforming communities by equipping participants with the tools to be effective change makers. We delve into critical topics such as understanding barriers to female sports participation, the evolving landscape of women's sports, the role of female role models, and how to support and encourage females to stay engaged in sports at different life stages. Covering essential aspects like the menstrual cycle and performance, body image, and the significance of language and support from parents, we aim to foster open dialogue and provide actionable solutions. Whether you're a parent, coach, or an ally, we guide you towards fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.